Capital Groups and stock exchange companies

Easy access to correct financial information is crucial for efficient management of a capital group or a big company. It is so important to have reliable and prepared on time consolidated statement especially in situations you need to make an important decision based on financial data.

If you feel a strong need to adapt your accounting and reporting systems to demanding financial and tax requirements, maybe implementing IFRS or maybe you just need reliable and punctual managerial information, we are pleased to propose you our professional help in modernization of your accounting and reporting systems. When there are several companies to mange in a capital group the costs of modernization of the accountancy system individually can be paralyzed. That is why using outside professionals in scope of strategic accounting outsourcing is so efficient.

MOST of our Clients, who decided to change their accounting and reporting systems, struggled with problems that seamed to be very difficult:

  • lack of appropriate and safe IT software to gather, process and archive financial data,
  • lack of coherent accountancy system,
  • lack of efficient reporting system,
  • lack of an experienced with an extended accounting, reporting and IT knowledge person,
  • lack of money...

We are here to help you in:

  • modernization of accounting and reporting systems within the scope of:

    • changes in financial and taxes rules,
    • implementing IFRS,
    • increasing managerial information requirements,

  • integration of General Ledgers of the subsidiaries,
  • unification of accounting and reporting systems,
  • finding the best IT software, helping in processing and gathering financial data safely and efficiently,
  • complex accounting services,
  • complex reporting services according to IFRS (consolidated reports, reports for stock of exchange),
  • complex staff and payroll services,
  • consultancy in modernization of accounting and reporting systems.

The aim: TO SAVE time and money, TO LIMIT the risk and to RISE the quality of accounting and reporting services.


  • We have successfully accomplished General Leger Integration Project together with homogenization of an accounting and reporting system for several subsidiaries, the leaders in their branches, for one of the biggest banking capital group in Poland and for the company quoted on the Warsaw Stock of Exchange
  • Our unique know-how we implement to our new projects
  • We have strong experience in accounting and reporting services for capital groups and stock exchange companies including preparation of consolidated statements for capital groups as well as the reports for the Warsaw Stock of Exchange with the respect of the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)

If you want to know more please contact with our consultant. He will propose you concrete customized solutions and options. We are at your disposal under the telephone number (022) 833 32 48, e-mail:

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