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Our business is accounting and finance. As a small or medium company you have probably your own accountant or maybe you are serviced by an accounting office. Actually it does not matter.

The question is what should you expect from your accountant? Is that only preparing tax forms?
Correctness and accuracy of accountancy system is undoubtedly very important and absolutely undisputed, but accounting system is above all a kind of an information system for managers, directors and owners. That is why you should receive also some information packages including basic advice regarding financial standing of the company, analysis of negative trends, optimizing the tax fees, cost control, financial structure (debt/capital), etc.

Why is it worth to outsource your accounting /staff & payroll to HORYZON?
Except for correctness and accuracy of your accounting books, safe contacts with state and revenue offices we can also offer you our extra financial and accounting help. Our aim is not only to record the data correctly but to process it and draw conclusions, which will help you to manage the risk of operating economic transactions efficiently and minimize the threat of making a mistake. HORYZON supports its Customers, especially the managers and shareholders, with a very sophisticated consulting service, which includes: financial consultations, controlling and risk estimations, legal services (general corporate) and others.

What are the advantages?

  • Costs reduction even to 30 %
  • Employment reduction in areas that are not crucial for a company and relieving resources to other aims
  • Full information about financial standing of the company
  • Possibility to focus on your core business by having operational functions assumed by an outside expert;

As your outside accounting expert we will adapt the software to still changing rules, we will prepare correct and helpful managerial information, but above all we will support managers and take the burden of responsibility for accounting and tax issues.

On the temporary basis or ongoing our outsourcing professionals can help you in:

If you require from your accounting office more than only posting documents, preparing tax forms and if you are intent on full information regarding financial standing of your company we encourage to contact with our consultant. He will propose you some concrete customized solutions and options. We are at your disposal under the telephone number (022) 833 32 48, e-mail

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